Aman Iqbal, PhD

Founder and Managing Partner PhD in Chemistry from University of Oxford​

Co-founded DigiMed Inc., Cosmic Discoveries , Ampkyne, GreyWolf Animal health, Proteorex therapeutics, IQGEN

Aman is a healthcare visionary, an idea machine and a sharp-executer. In his professional career spanning over 8 years, he has had diverse working experience from academia, to mid-cap biotech to public-private research organization funded by all major Pharma companies and numerous healthcare based startups. His passion for pushing the boundaries of human understanding of science and merging disciplines in the quest of finding solutions to some of the most challenging problems faced by the healthcare industry has won him many accolades including Primer Minister’s Top 40 under 40 emerging entrepreneurs of Canada to NextFounders, and member of the Executive Club of Canada.
He has co-founded DigiMed Inc. (early forays into digital medicine), Cosmic Discoveries (Contract biotech R&D firm using machine learning for streamlining Pharmaceutical API R&D), Ampkyne (repurposing a Phase-1 metabolic drug for mitochondrial diseases , GreyWolf Animal health (a next generation animal health company), Proteorex therapeutics (drugging the undruggable genome), IQGEN (Connecting transformational technology based business to investors and consumers globally). Besides the successes he is also proud of the failures that helped him shape into a ‘war-hardened’ entrepreneur, mentor and investor.
Aman got his PhD in Chemistry at the ripe age of 24 from University of Oxford where he was a Wellcome trust fellow. When not dreaming of the next big idea, Aman enjoys spending time with his 3-yr old toddler, composing World-ethnic electronic music, he has composed background score for an award winning British documentary ‘Even the Crows’. Aman is also an avid Ashtanga yoga enthusiast and an adrenaline junkie.

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