Deborah Donovan, BA (Finance and Biology)

Concept Creation and Due Diligence

Deborah (Debby) works closely with Aman in concept evaluation besides heading due diligence at IQGEN supported by firm’s own diligence pattern-based analytics tool Ava. Debby has a double BA from Stanford University in Finance and Biology and is pursuing a special executive education course at MIT in Artificial Intelligence, game theory and healthcare. As an intern at Space-X, Debby was instrumental in leading the Voyage team’s successful launch of the first rocket.

Debby is a Muay-Thai instructor and has completed training of NASA’s emerging astronauts program. Debby shares the collective passion of IQGEN and its investors of running experiments in space and using it to guide humanity’s foray towards inhabiting other planets. Debby along with Shawna works out of IQGEN’s back office in LA

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